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Pharma & Biotech

We invest in companies that have potential breakthrough treatments with promising data and a reasonable Proof of Concept of efficacy and safety.


We invest in medical device companies developing novel products and technologies with the potential to change the landscape in their areas.


We selectively make investments in companies with innovative products that can have an impact on the interface of health, beauty and well-being.

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Who we are and what we do

Investing in Health

We are a healthcare investment company based in Switzerland, supported by prestigious research advisors and organizations.

Our proprietary approach is based on sourcing of novel opportunities with the potential to be breakthroughs in their own areas, structuring investment on a case by case basis, supporting the portfolio companies and facilitating corporate deals. We invest primarily in the life sciences (Pharma, Biotech, MedTech) with a particular focus on safe and efficacious treatments for serious diseases.

We are devoted to addressing unmet medical needs through financing the development of novel products and technologies that can help alleviate human suffering from disease, while supporting the environment.


WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Traditional investors are geared towards simple equity investments, and whereas they can attach special rights to their shares, the effect is that they are dependent on selling the shares in order to provide return to their own investors.
We are not a fund, but an investment company. We structure investments to fit each particular opportunity to facilitate faster crystallisation of value for our shareholders while supporting each portfolio company to deliver the much needed solutions for human health.