Investing in the latest innovations in

Science, medicine and technology

The Healthcare and Technology sectors have traditionally produced attractive returns for investors on a global basis. They Healthcare sector in particular is a highly regulated one, characterised by high transparency and ethics, driven by the importance of human health.

Our core investment area is novel treatments for serious diseases. We invest also in medical device and diagnostic companies developing novel products and technologies with the potential to change the landscape in their areas. We may also selectively make investments in companies with technologies that have the potential for an impact on helping the environment.

We invest in companies that have breakthrough treatments with promising data and a reasonable Proof of Concept of efficacy and safety. Our funding may be for different reasons, in many cases for progressing product development or assisting with business expansion. In selected cases, we may purchase shares in publicly quoted companies.

ESG Investments: Environmental, Social and Governance focus

A carefully managed Investment Process

ESG Investments - Environmental, Social and Governance focus
Product Development

We assist our portfolio companies on multiple levels


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