Investing in the latest innovations in

Science, medicine and technology

ESGTI’s core aim is to offer a unique perspective within the investment space, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises focused on the development and commercialisation of products and technologies that can have a profound impact on their respective segment, including Medical Devices, Digital Health, Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Clean and Environmental Technologies, AI & Machine Learning and Big Data.

In particular, ESGTI focuses on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investing, ensuring these principles are integrated into its investment process, acquiring and investing in companies, which prove to be ethically sound, responsible and sustainable.

ESGTI aims to take a significant equity stake in selected companies and then to grow the value of that equity over time through active participation in the development of such companies if appropriate. The Company currently has a diverse portfolio of investee companies with a multitude of intellectual property assets focused on Healthcare, Medical Devices, Wellbeing, Environment / CleanTech and Agribusiness / AgriTech.

ESG Investments: Environmental, Social and Governance focus

A carefully managed Investment Process

ESG Investments - Environmental, Social and Governance focus
Product Development

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